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Posted By Topic: Do u all tink online black jack got fix       - Views: 259
Keano 25-Nov 2020 Wednesday 5:48 PM (326 days ago)               #1
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U get 20, dealer 16 take 5


WilliamLucas 25-Sep 2021 Saturday 7:09 AM (23 days ago)            #2
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quote originally posted by Keano:
U get 20, dealer 16 take 5

The game of "electronic"(online) Blackjack is definitely rigged in a way. It is the same for those blackjack machines that we play in the casinos or club houses. It is all in the programming of the circuit boards in these machines.

All these machines (those 1-arm bandits, as well as online games) are programmed to have a certain % in letting the players win or lose. Of course the % that you will lose to the game will def be much higher than winning. The House must have its winning odds over you, in the long run. Anything thats man-made can be manipulated by the creator to his favour. 

However, as these online games are program-created, esp Blackjack, they have a certain "pattern" to it. Over a period of time, you will be able to get a glimpse of certain winning or losing scenarios which are the same, if you are observant enough, that is. This is what I call a "trend" or a "cycle" in the program. But don't be too happy yet, these cycles are pretty large, meaning that they will go through many hands of play before repeating itself. The ordinary players, caught in the moments of emotional gambling, will not be able to spot it. But it is there, if you have a good 'photographic' memory and a cool and steady mind that's not easily upset when you lose or over elated when you win, which will cause you to lose you concerntration in trying to remember what the previous hands were like. You will lose count of the game, so to speak, and will not know whether you are in the "winning" or "losing" cycle that's in the program.

Before the casinos were built in Sg, I used to visit clubhouses which have these machines games. Will only play the Blackjack ones and not those other fruits-machines, as Blackjack is the only game that you don't have to depend totally just on luck. You can beat the system if you understand how the game is being generated by the programs and have a really agile mind to follow it. 

So, even if we are able to spot some of these "cycles", how do we win over the House as the numbers of times that they will makan you will alway be MORE than they let you win ?

That will depends on the strategy that you play. Variation of betting amount is the best to use against the House in this case. When you are able to recognise (more or less) whether the next hand that u will be getting is a winner or a loser one, adjust your bet accordingly. Stands to logic that if we think it is gonna be a losing hand, we shrink our bets and when the going is gonna be sweet for us, we go all out - thats like playing the minimum & maximum method. The House doesn't like that for sure. They love those uncles and aunties that stick with the same average small amounts in EVERY hand throughout the game. These folks, if they were lucky enough to join the game during its good cycles, but do not stop playing when the machines are letting them win, will eventually lose back everything to the House. Simple reason is that they do not have as deep a pocket as the House and will be wiped out eventually the longer they play, esp if they do not have a good strategy or a system to increase their odds. 

Back then, I was playing the minimum & maximum method to the fullest possible on these BJ machines. When I could identified the bad cycles it is $1 per play. When the good ones came, I go max out at $25 each. Within half hour broke the machines, one after another. The hopper ran dry and the alarm for the cashier to top up coins rang. Caused quite a commotion back then (LOL), coz no one had ever seen the BJ machines broke. Most left after losing all. 

Went to all the clubhouses around the island to test out my system. Broke every single one of them. No bull.

But.....always a but stuffs can be manipulated, like I'd said, either by the creator or the users. 

These clubhouses after a few mths of decline in their takings, realised that the BJ machines were making losses. So, they change the chips in the machines and replaced them with one that had an even much worse losing % for the players, which had such an extremely huge cycle before repetitions that any mere mortals wouldn't be able to memorise at all. Some even stopped having BJ slot machines altogether, only just those dumb fruits-playing ones. 

After a few years, the casinos came and that made me started thinking of how it is like playing BJ on the tables as compared to with machines. Would there be this repetitive trends/cycles to spot in a live game too ? 

Gave it a try one day, out of curiosity more like.

After awhile in the game, the same feelings came back again. Started to slowly caught on to the turnings of the losing and winning hands. This time round the minimum & maximum strategy was played even more vigourously. Bad rounds, put down minimum $50 bet, good cycles can throw down as high as $1k. Got the timings 70-80% correct most times and usually within half hour to 1hr could stop playing already with a haul of $10k+ each. Same as the last time, created a commotion behind me so much so that even the floor managers came over to watch. That's when I would stop playing. Uneasy.

So, what happens after that ?.......

....the bloody Covid came ! 

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